The THEraPlate

Pain free treatment, for pain free living

Thermal image of before and after treatment in a horse

The patented THEraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury.

THEraPlate uses small, circular movements to stimulate muscle contraction and increase circulation. It works from the inside out to yield powerful results with no negative impact to the joints. This dynamic movement is exclusive to THEraPlate and is much more advanced than vibration therapy.

THEraPlate is 100% guaranteed to make a difference

The Science

THEraPlate uses Zone Vortex Wave therapy.

The THEraPlate has been designed by experts and is the result of more than 30 years of experience. This technology can be used in the treatment and prevention of injuries and other debilitating conditions in Horses, and Humans. Our machines offer a ZERO impact experience, so you get the benefits without further injury or aggravating existing conditions.

THEraPlate utilizes a low-amplitude orbital motion for rehabilitation and sports conditioning.

The platform’s motion causes muscles to rhythmically contract and release, relaxing the tissues while enhancing muscle tone and increasing circulation. The increased circulation, in turn, has a plethora of benefits, ranging from improved healing rates of many soft-tissue injuries to better hoof growth to increasing bone density.


The THEraPlate is a versitle mobile plaform that can be used to treat people, horses and small animals. We are mobile so treatments can be given at your own premises or place of your choice.

Person on a THEraPlate


Whether you're an athlete or armchair fan, the THEraPlate helps with muscle aches and pains and improving general performance.

Horse on the THEraPlate


From injury and rehabilitation to imporved performance, the THEraPlate has masive potential for horses

Small Animal on a THEraPlate

Small Animals

Dogs and cats and even small animals have found great benefits from the THEraPlate, particularly in rehabilitation cases.


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Why THEraPlate

  • Non-Invasive

  • Easy To Use

  • Proven Effectiveness

  • Affordable

  • Mobile - We come to you

  • Choose Treatment, Hire or Purchase Option

  • % Guaranted To Make A Difference


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    BENEFITS FOR Small Animals

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    About Us

    Hi, I'm Jane Alexander and I'm the founder of THEraPlate South Ltd.

    I first came across THEraPlate in 2018 at a horse show. I'd been walking around the show all day and was suffering from some pain in my foot following foot surgery some years ago. I stood on the plate having a good chat and realised the show was closing. I jumped offf the THEraPlate and ran around the showground to pick up my shopping. It was only when I returned to my car that I realised, I no longer had any pain in my foot. It was so incredible I signed up as a therapist there and then!

    I'm so excited to be able to share this amazing treatment with you. It's transformed my life. I travel to clients across Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle Of Wight. I am fully insured for Public and Products Liability.

    Jane Alexander, founder of THEraPlate South Ltd

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